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Phlebotomists are trained healthcare professionals who collect blood samples from patients for examination in a laboratory

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Phlebotomy Training Course London

P­­­hlebotomists are trained healthcare professionals for the purpose of collecting blood samples from patients for examination in a laboratory. Results from such examination can be used to diagnose diseases and medical conditions. They normally work in the hospitals which include the NHS, Private hospitals and blood banks.

At Pharma Aesthetics Academy, we train:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Laboratory staff
  • Clinical Staff
  • Paramedics
  • Biomedical Science students
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Healthcare Support Workers
  • People with no medical experience or background
  • Anybody with the ambition to become a phlebotomist as long as they understand the English language and with the desire to learn

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Phlebotomy Courses London

Courses From £200.00

Phlebotomy certification course

The CPD Accreditation Group has recognised our Phlebotomy training courses, which are in line with the most recent recommendations for the implementation of Phlebotomy procedures.

Accredited phlebotomy course

We will give you with everything you need to take your first move, whether you want to create your own clinic or join a respected one on the side of your current work.
Flexible Learning
Our training courses are held around your schedule. We have several sessions each month allowing for flexibility for our students.
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Phlebotomy courses near me

These courses are designed for candidates with a medical background. We admit beauty therapists as well. However, if you work with needles, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to establish your eligibility for training.

Phlebotomy course requirements

Prior consultation with your clients will make up a big portion of your work. It’s just as crucial to know what and how to treat your clients as it is to be able to serve them well. This is an area that is frequently overlooked and, as a result, is never taught!
How much is a phlebotomy course?

Our Phlebotomy Course is delivered in two parts, the classroom section costs £250.00, our competency section costs £200.00.

Phlebotomy Courses London

Phlebotomy training courses in east london

At Pharma Aesthetics Academy, we offer 2 Course Materials. Part 1, Classroom Training and Part 2, Competency Training.

We are aware of many training organisations out there jostling for your clientele. Nevertheless, we believe in the unique trainee-centred services we offer which separate us from the rest. Our phlebotomy empowers people who wish to make entry into the medical field to gain new employment opportunities as career change.

Our team are UK Registered within the Aesthetics Industry. All training and course work is completed at with our partner Pharma Aesthetics LTD.

Safe Practice
Our trainers are skilled professionals with years of practice experience, excellent enough to minimise risk of complications during practical training.
Live Models
We provide enough live models to cover our practical training days with the opportunity for every trainee to have-a-go and gain expertise and confidence
Training Accreditation

All our courses on offer are accredited to meet the latest practice guidance in aesthetics practice

Diploma Certification

After successful course completion, you will be issued an accredited Level 7 Diploma in Injectable for Aesthetic Medicine which is an equivalence of a Master’s degree without a Dissertation.

Valuable Business Advice

At Pharma Aesthetics Academy, we are unique in dishing out useful tips on setting up and running your business during training

Ongoing Support
Professional practice can be lonely in the midst of many practitioners in the open market with no one to turn to for support. Against this backdrop, you can enjoy the luxury of support after opening up your practice if you train with us.

Phlebotomy Course NHS

Part ONE

  • Course is designed with a classroom content which includes teaching competencies as set out in National Occupational Standards for Phlebotomists on Day 1 and followed by Day 2 practical session full of demonstration and hands-on practice
  • Afternoon session is interactive with full practice on manikins
  • After the manikin practice, confidence will be built to now practice on a real human being who will be another fellow participant who gives consent.
  • In this regard, you will be using the vacutainer system to take blood samples

Part TWO

This consists of a 6-hour practice session which is the work experience session that leads to competence. This is delivered at our clinic twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, split into 3 hours each day between 11a.m. and 2p.m. This is under the supervision of an advanced phlebotomist. Between 2 and 10 sessions may be needed to gain full experience and confidence. 

Course Objective:

At the end of the course, the candidate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate adequate infection control principles when performing a phlebotomy operation
  • Understand the legal aspect of phlebotomy
  • Understand the competencies as set out in the National Occupational Standard for obtaining venous blood samples
  • Understand and list the potential complications during and after taking blood sample.
  • Use the Vacutainer appliance to collect blood sample.

Classroom Training

£ 250
  • Full Knowledge And Practical Training
  • Industry Recognised Certificate

Competency Training (2 Sessions)

£ 200
  • Full Knowledge And Practical Training
  • Industry Recognised Certificate
  • Extra session charged at £40

Phlebotomy Certification Course

The Part ONE classroom training on completion will lead to the award of the Phlebotomy Certificate Of Attendance

The Part TWO training will lead to the Phlebotomy Certificate Of Competence having been fully supervised during the work experience to gain competence as required by the NHS body.

With this certificate, you are deemed to have the full knowledge, skills and competence to work independently as a full-fledged phlebotomist.

The NHS requires supervised phlebotomy in a clinical environment to obtain full competency in this discipline; once finished, you will have all of the essential information, abilities, and certification to function as a phlebotomist.

Our academy is listed on the UK Register of Learning Providers, which is managed by the British government. The CPD Accreditation Group, a globally recognised accreditation and certification agency, has approved and certified our course. You will receive certificates as well as CPD points upon completion of the course, which you may use as proof of your required professional development.

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